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Here we are in changed times. All across the world right now, for daily survival and for the good of the world at large, constraint and separation necessarily govern our lives. For Deep Dawn Dreaming long-time collaborators Idit Nathan and Sarah Wood are joining forces once again to explore, via the tradition of the art manifesto, how limit can be turned into creative agency.  


For the Deep Dawn Dreaming project Nathan and Wood will formulate an art experiment. They will navigate the rich history of the art manifesto, addressing a century of art rules gathered from across the world, to generate an evolving online exhibition as part of this year’s Cambridge Festival.


For the ten days of the festival Nathan and Wood will select at random a manifesto and live by its rules for that day. They will work in isolation from one another united only by the rules that confront them. These will define the scope of that day’s creative act. At the end of each day they will each upload the resulting artwork to create an evolving online exhibition. 


Part process, part statement, all manifestation: Deep Dawn Dreaming will reveal in real time the power of the human imagination to transform any situation however constraining. 


Deep Dawn Dreaming will run between 26th March – 4th April 2021. 

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